The Lulu Company


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The Lulu Company

The Lulu Company is a multifaceted project that I, Lulu, have started. It is one part  Business (Marketing, Social Media, Event Planning, Audio/Visual Production) and the other part Fun (Urban Art, Music, Entertainment and Life Adventures). Though they are separate projects, together they give me the opportunity to connect with people who share my interests throughout my community and on a global scale. If you’re reading this, that includes you, so thank you for your support!


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Lulu Marketing and Events (Business)

On top of providing EXCELLENT marketing and event planning services, I’m entering this company in Scion’s Motivate competition for young entrepreneurs, so please share the love. 🙂 As a start up company we offer a variety of services to cater to the needs of business, organizations, and individuals. Customizable packages are offered to meet the specific needs of the client. By providing quality services at affordable prices, we intend to serve the need in our local community and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Through this community network, we are working to connect business and community members. Our marketing spans from basic web design to complete brand management of a company or artist with a fluid social media integrated marketing plan. Additionally, our inventory of party supplies and established business relationships enable us to cater to any event planning needs from a large to small scale. Currently, this is a family run business, and we have big plans for impending growth! As we develop, we will be working with local youth to make this a sustainable and community focused business. Through paid positions and internships, we will be working with and teaching local college and high school students to help them develop career experience while making a community impact.


J-Skillz ProductionsJ-Skillz Productions
(Audio/Visual Engineering)

As the company develops, we are working to acquire the necessary equipment to bring J-Skillz Productions to life! Jonathan Ramirez will be heading this production studio as the Audio Visual Specialist. He studied sound engineering at Expressions College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician himself with many original recorded works and professional performances to his name. Currently, he works with Stockton youth at the Podesto Teen Impact Center, where he provides local teens with positive outlets such as the

recording studio he founded there. To continue to meet the needs of local youth and adult recording artists, we will be founding J-Skillz Productions to provide the finest quality of audio and visual services at a price that is accessible for all levels of artists. To assist our price conscious target market as much as possible, the combination of services from J-Skillz Productions and Lulu Marketing and Events makes the entire music process much more affordable for the artist. The Lulu Chronicles offers marketing and event planning services specifically designed to tailor to local audio and visual artists of varied experience. By developing an online persona for the artist, we are able to help them reach numerous and diverse audiences across the world wide web. We also provide traditional marketing services such as posters and flyers for their events. When the artist is ready to make their debut we can help them along with the process by organizing their release party and concert through our local network of businesses. Each of these services is offered singularly, or it can be packaged together to save the artists the costs and fees of using multiple high-priced companies. Thank you for your support, as each customer brings us one step closer to opening our studio!


TLC SquareThe Lulu Chronicles

My Chronicles Adventures, as I go through my day to day pondering the age old question, What is the meaning of life? It contains catalogs of pictures, and music videos by Genre, Decade, and Holiday – Perfect for any party occasion! Additionally, it is a portal to my 4 blogs:


  1. Lulu,
    My name is charles, I’m Cynthia’s employer and I met you at her house during her daughter’s 1st communion party. You told me about your marketing company and that’s why I’m writing you.
    I’d like to talk more about what you can do for my business.
    CM Floor covering
    Looking forward to hearing from you

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