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Lulu Marketing and Events
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We offer a variety of marketing, social media, concert production, and event planning services.

Additionally, we work with entertainers and private event facilitators
that can be hired individually for your next function.

Please explore the site, take a look at our available packages.
All features are completely customizable.

Contact us today at lulumarketingandevents@gmail.com
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Welcome to Lulu Marketing and Events! I’m Lulu, and I’m so glad you’re joining us. I’ve been making music and designing websites since I was 12, then I studied Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media, Concerts, and Event Planning at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. I’ve also done substantial marketing and social media work with local artists, varied community organizations, and local businesses and non-profits. By working with artists, businesses, and individuals in our local community we are building a network to benefit the entire city. Stockton is a very price sensitive, and is often in the news for the poverty, crime and violence throughout the city streets. In the midst of this turmoil there is a huge untapped resource of local talented artists, and many small businesses looking to engage with community members and stimulate the local economy. By working with all of these groups we are aiming to build bridges by developing exposure for our young talent, and creating incentives for businesses and individuals to invest in the local community. People in Stockton do care about making this city a better and more magnificent place, and it’s our job to provide them with the necessary resources and help point them in the right direction.



The world of marketing is drastically changing as technology transforms the way we communicate and engage with information and advertising. Traditional marketing channels no longer carry the audience or retention they once had. Using an integrated branding plan, we can help take your business to the next level by creating a consistent persona across your website, all social media channels, as well as your traditional marketing materials. Additionally, we offer social media training and will soon be offering How-To Guides for download to help you shine in your chosen market. Whether you’re an artist, business, or non-profit organization, we want to work with you to maximize your exposure and community engagement! Call Us Today for a FREE Consultation!



Everyone wants to have a FANTASTIC party, no matter what the occasion. With my team, supplies, and resources, we can give you the party of your dreams without breaking the bank. From concerts, to weddings, to ladies’ night out, we offer all inclusive event planning services customized to your unique preferences. We will work within your budget to plan your event, connect you with a variety of local established businesses and vendors, and carry your event through a lovely and stress-free completion. Call Us Today for a FREE Consultation!


For Artists and Musicians:

Are you a developing musician, graphic artist, or fashion designer? We want want to help you take your craft to the next professional level! No matter what stage in development, we will give you a FREE CONSULTATION to help you assess your current exposure, and set custom goals for future engagement. From your first recording through your debut event, Lulu Marketing and Events can help you with every aspect of your production, marketing, and event planning. Looking for Sponsors? We can help with that too! With our sponsorship packages we can assist you in seeking the community support to make your dreams a reality. With no risk, why wait? Call us today for your free custom consult to see how Lulu Marketing and Events can help you turn your passion into your profession!


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